Unleash the full potential of your IBM power environment.


Unleash the full potential of your IBM Power environment: The Dynamic Power Cloud Manager is the leading automation solution, making the operation of virtual servers significantly easier.

The Dynamic Power Cloud Manager is the industry-leading automation solution for IBM Power, used successfully by a wide range of enterprise customers in a variety of industries. This solution has been in development for over 10 years, and IBM has been working with us to improve and extend the capabilities of DPCM.

The new and enhanced version, DPCM X, offers a significantly expanded feature set over the previous major version. New features include automation and integration with Ansible, enhanced monitoring and compliance capabilities.

By implementing the solution, customers have been able to reduce operating costs and realize significant ROI immediately after installation.

The result is a dramatic increase in availability and security, and a reduction in the cost of managing your infrastructure.

With DPCM, you can significantly optimize your hardware and operating costs. DPCM provides automated and cost-effective software, asset, patch and configuration management, as well as orchestration and monitoring capabilities that let you easily manage your physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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