Substantially boost your availability and save resources.


Comprehensive support for all aspects of the IBM Power environment will result in benefits across the board, both from an operational and a financial standpoint.

Operational Benefits

Compliance & Monitoring

  • Role-based access control
  • Full auditing of user actions
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Fix List & Update Monitoring
  • System & LPAR Monitoring including real-time and historical data

Self-Service and Delegation

  • All Power Systems administration tasks can be delegated
  • Self-Service for server owners
  • Free set up of suitable roles for your organisation

Standardization & Deployment

  • Standardized LPAR deployment
  • Enforce Naming conventions
  • Enhanced Meta Data
  • Quick and easy migrations and updates – with no downtime

Migration and Upgrade

  • Easy migration between Power generations (with no downtime)
  • Supports HMC and VIOS upgrades at scale.
  • Software maintenance ensures functioning during updates of IBM system components and new system generations

Financial Benefits

Save Time & Money

  • Automation is key. DPCM automates your routine tasks
  • DPCM brings ease-of-use to IBM Power Systems, meaning less learning and faster adoption
  • Integration into your business processes through the use of APIs
  • Responsive and ultra-fast front end
  • Do more with less
  • Right-size with Load Advisor giving you immediate return on investment

Improve Availability & Scalability

  • Disaster recovery within minutes , including the ability to script and deploy images in case of an outage and initiate deployment recreation
  • DPCM runs independently in a Docker container
  • Non-invasive for PowerVC, HMC or VIOS. DPCM is deployed “on-top”
  • Dramatically faster handling vs. existing processes

Energy Savings

  • Performance monitoring
  • EC Analysis
  • Right Sizing