Take control of highly virtualized IBM Power environments

In looking for a solution to manage its highly complex IT ecosystem, HUK-COBURG was thoroughly convinced by Axians’ DPCM. Thanks to its standardization and automation features, Axians’ DPCM proved to be the ideal tool for simplifying HUK-COBURG’s IT administration.

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Simplify your Power-Admin

The database response times at Balluff GmbH were significantly accelerated and admin simplified substantially thanks to DPCM.
What was most persuasive: changing requirements could now be responded to immediately without any assistance.

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IT modernization for global retail operations

The REIFF Group was in need of a tech refresh, an opportunity seized upon by REIFF to completely overhaul and modernize its IT infrastructure.
REIFF’s goals of security, reliability, scalability, simplified complexity, and reduced administrative overhead were achieved by introducing the new IBM hardware. But the most significant difference was made by deploying Dynamic Power Cloud Manager (DPCM).

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