DPCM X 10.6 GA

The new DPCM X Release 10.6 is available now!

The recording and presentation of the Release Webinar from 2024/06/27 is available here. In addition, you will find screenshots of new functionalities that we were unable to show in the Webinar due to time constraints, such as SAN/Storage Inventory views and the User Guide section.

Please review the “DPCM X – Release History” with an impressive list of new functionalities included in DPCM X 10.6

  • SR-IOV, VF + vNIC (Failover) Support
  • AIX Install/Update and Migration Functionalities
  • Bulk Software Functions
  • VIOS Update and Migration Functionalities
  • Introduction SAN/Storage Inventory Views
  • Additional System Actions
  • Additional LPAR Actions
  • Restore OS Enhancements
  • Backup Enhancements
  • Additional Bulk Functions
  • Ansible-Collection (addl. Modules, Playbooks and Dockets)
  • Additional DPCM User Guides
  • Various Fixes, Enhancements and Updates

You may also look at the “DPCM X Detailed Change-Log” which includes all changes included in the  DPCM X 10.6 release.

An DPCM X specific support-matrix is also available and can be found here.

For updating to DPCM X 10.6, please use the available  DPCM_X_Quick_Update_Guide.  If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to forward your request to the Axians technical representative or send us an email to dpcm@support.axians.de to arrange this.

Please note that is highly recommended to update your DPCM X servers at least to DPCM X 10.5.7 or DPCM X 10.6 if you currently are using an older DPCM X version.

Your DPCM Development Team