DPCM 10.5.4 GA

The new Version 10.5.4 of DPCM X is available now!

DPCM X 10.5.4 includes:

  • Dockets to improve DPCM X functionalities with internal or external Ansible:
    • To add and delete vNIC adapters with Failover
    • To deploy AIX, LINUX, LINUX with HANA LPARs in a SAN-booted environment
    • To parallelize global LPM (to speed up system evacuation) in order of given LPAR-Names
    • To serialize global LPM in order of given LPAR-Names (for LPARs with hugh Memory to consider NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access))
  • Change current-configuration enhancements
  • UI and usability improvements and fixes

Please refer to the DPCM X Detailed-Change-Log for a complete list of enhancements and fixes included in DPCM X 10.5.4.

Use the update guide available on our support server to upgrade to DPCM X 10.5.4. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to forward your request to the Axians technical representative or give us a hint to arrange this.