DPCM 10.4 GA

DPCM 10.4 GA

A new version of DPCM R1 and DPCM X is now available! It is recommended to update DPCM R1 servers to version 1.8.12 and DPCM X servers to version 10.4.

Please refer to the DPCM X Release History for an impressive list of new features included in DPCM X 10.4.

Highlights include full LPAR deployment, profile management, and backup.

DPCM X 10.4 offers significantly improved usability and flexibility compared to DPCM R1. Configuration is fully integrated into the DPCM X Admin UI. Learn more during the DPCM X 10.4 Release Webinar on 21.09.2023.

Use the update guide available on our support server to upgrade to DPCM X 10.4. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to forward your request to the Axians technical representative or give us a hint to arrange this.