New Release: DPCM R1 1.8.11 & DPCM X 10.1

New Release: DPCM R1 1.8.11 & DPCM X 10.1

A new DPCM R1 and DPCM X Release are available now. It is recommended to update DPCM R1 servers to the Version 1.8.11, and to update DPCM X servers to Version 10.1.

DPCM X 10.1 provides Ansible Plugin Collections for DPCM X and DPCM R1 for further automation by other Ansible-Solutions (like AWX), including a hugh number of example playbooks.

Please find here an overview diagram of DPCM automation possibilities.

More over DPCM X 10.1 provides an extensive number of example Dockets for automation of DPCM R1 functionalities to use the UI of DPCM X only, instead of DPCM R1.

Using DPCM X Dockets in combination with the new DPCM R1 Ansible Collection, provides additional functionalities (which are not available DPCM R1 / V1.8.11 UI):

  • Full automated create and install of SAN-booted LPARs, incl. OS and HANA installation in a single and unattended process (limited to SVC/Storwize-Storage + Brocade-SAN)
  • Create and map additional LUNs (NPIV, limited to SVC/Storwize-Storage + Brocade-SAN)
  • Use NIMADM and Alt-Disk-Migration in SAN-booted environment
  • Create and map Logical-Units from Clustered-Shared-Storage-Pool to create/install new LPARs and/or to map to existing LPARs
  • Create additional number of VSCSI/VHOST Adapters, e.g., to map VTOPT Devices
  • Create additional number of VFC/VFCHOST Adapters including NPIV assignment, e.g., to use for Tape Zoning
  • Optimization of Global LPM and Global Recreate process to run for specific and pre-checked LPARs
  • Allow to use customer-specific parameters instead of DPCM configuration parameters (e.g. Starting-LPAR-ID, Starting-Adapter-Slot-IDs, Share-/Sharing-Mode, CPU-Mode ..)
  • Check existing and usable DPCM R1 resources using lookup dockets very easily
  • Execute RAW commands to implement own use-cases, e.g. HMC commands
  • Example dockets/playbooks to check, enable and disable System LED using HMC command
  • Example docket/playbook to refresh the OS version of LPARs stored in HMC
  • Customers are able to use the example Deployment Dockets to customize those depending on their own need
    • plus integrate these in their own automation workflow using Ansible and/or GraphQL

The release DPCM X 10.1 includes further interesting enhancements, e.g.

  • Refreshed LPAR Load Advisor with
    • Added proposals/hints for Desired CPU, Max EC/CPU, Pool EC and System CPUs
    • Improved Desired EC proposal and added arrow indicators for all proposals
  • Storage Overview
    • List storage systems for FC/SCSI-HDISK and CSSP
    • List PVs (LUNs and LUs) for a storage system
    • List connected VIOs and mapped LPARs for a PV
    • Use storage system information for VSCSI adapter details of LPARs
  • Enhanced performance graphs for Systems and LPARs
    • Shows max value and selected value for all graphs
    • Normalized Y axis for stacked items for better comparison
    • Added installed/used CPUs to system/pool graph
    • Selectable graph types: currently CPU, Mem, LPAR CPU Aggregation (for systems), VETH (for LPARs)