Recording of the WebCast: IBM Power & Ansible: Automation for your Datacenter (Language: English)

In this webcast Axians lead architect Ilja Franke showed how the power of Ansible is used in the Axians Dynamic Power Cloud Manager as well what integration options are usable in existing Ansible components. Plus sneak-peak: How the platform can also be used to manage and automate VMware based workloads.

  • IT Automation is much wanted but the devil is in the detail. Where do I find suitable modules? Which versions are stable and can be combined? How do I get the right expertise? The challenges get even tougher if we move to less used operating systems and hardware like IBM Power, AIX or Linux on Power.
  • At Axians we have been working on these challenges with large customers over the last decade and developed a flexible framework to embed your Ansible playbooks in a great front end.
  • Through the concept of „Dockets“ with and built-in dynamic right management and automation targets your automation tasks and organizational workflow needs are shared with your users of any skill level though a modern web UI.

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