Dear customers using DPCM X 10.0.x (aka Snow Grouse)!

because of a known HMC Rest API Login issue of HMC itself we have changed the connection method.

It is highly recommended to update DPCM X 10.0.x (aka Snow Grouse) to DPCM X 10.0.4 to avoid HMC Rest API Login issues.

The necessary Code-Package we have provided into your customer specific folder (“Shared with me” / / “DPCM X”) on our support-server:

Please download the corresponding package depending on the architecture of your DPCM X Linux Docker Host.

The Update-Guide „DPCM_SG_Update_Guide.pdf“ you will find under „Shared with me“ / „DPCM-SG“ or using that URL / link:

In case you are using a Docker Host based on CentOS Version 8 it makes sense to reinstall the DPCM X Docker Host or to install a new one based on CentOS 7.9 or other LINUX distribution.

Resources for CentOS 7.9 we are providing in share named above. Also we are providing some DPCM X Docker-Host Install Guide for further LINUX Distributions. We’re still testing additional LINUX distributions and we’re adding additional Docker-Host Install Guides depending on LINUX distributions we have successfully tested.

Any questions please let us know. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us using

Greetings, stay healthy and happy!

Your DPCM Development Team